Homeowners Insurance and Personal Liability Insurance in the United States

Homeowners insurance is a necessity not only for owners of homes or condominiums, but also for those renting. Homeowners insurance doesn’t only cover dwellings and household items; it also provides personal liability insurance essential to life in the United States.

There are three types of homeowners insurance, listed below. The insurance you select will depend on the type of housing you reside in.

Homeowners Insurance

For clients who own and live in a detached house

Condominium Insurance

For clients who own and live in a condominium or townhouse

Renters/Tenant Insurance

For clients who rent and live in a detached house, condominium, townhouse, or apartment owned by a third party.


This only applies to homeowners insurance and condominium insurance. For condominiums, the insurance provided by the home owners association (HOA) often only covers the building. In this case, condominium insurance will cover the interior furnishings and etc. not covered by the HOA insurance.

Other Structures

This only applies to homeowners insurance. This covers structures such as fences located on the premises, garages that are separate buildings, warehouses, pools, etc.

Personal Property

This covers household items inside the dwelling. Items removed from the house anywhere in the world are covered, within certain limits. There are restrictions on the amount of compensation for precious metal items such as watches and for valuables such as jewels, furs, cash, etc. For items such as jewels whose value exceeds a certain amount, insurance can be purchased following the submission of a written appraisal by an expert.

Loss of Use

This insurance covers additional expenses, such as hotel accommodation or meals, in the event that the home is unlivable following an insured accident, up to a prescribed amount.

Personal Liability

This insurance covers liability for damages resulting from the bodily injury or property damage of a third party. It covers liabilities arising from a variety of activities both inside and outside the premises of the home. In the event of a lawsuit, defense costs that are above a certain amount are covered.

Medical Payments to Others

This insurance covers expenses related to medical treatment, regardless of negligence of the assured person, when a third party is injured on the premises of the home, or when a third party is injured off of the premises of the home for a reason relating to the home, or when a third party is injured by the policyholder’s pet or the like.